The Sloopy Glopp

The Sloopy Glopp

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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes it's fun to just make noise.


The punk
rolled the drunk monk
out of his trunk
into this junkyard
that stunk hard
of rum and sunken lard
as the drunk monk
sunk into the muck
he reached out from
the mire and mud
the gloopy slop
the sloopy glopp
with a hand
that said "stop"
in sign language
cos he was deaf

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noise is fun, especially when it accompanies a flurry of unk rhymes. and its also fun when the noise turns nto music and the rhymes turn into poetry.

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Great title and fun lyric then joy division meets its psychedelic cousin! Like this!

Fuzzy's picture

Great treatment on the vox.
Excellent menacing two chord drone.
Nicely weird lyrics.
Lovely little story, too.
Good work here!