God Bless Me

God Bless Me

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Liner Notes: 

I was catching a friend's weekly lullaby song live and got in at the very end. For some reason, there was a glitch that made it return to a specific spot, and it was such a lovely hook. I was inspired to make a dark synth piece with that at the center. It is super super messy and the levels are not great as far as the mix, but man, nice to be in the inspiration again! Smile

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The musical sounds are great and the variation that enters in at around 2 minutes was good to. I noticed on your profile that you're a Bjork fan. I could definitely picture Bjork singing this or producing something of this nature. Definitely different. Somewhat dark. I like it!

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Yup i sort if hear that bjork influence as well. Although not in what i would think of as dark style it does have a strange darkness to it. Would be good in a horror movie in the nursery with this playing.

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What a lovely and possibly sinister vibe I'm getting from this! Some action around 2 minutes breaks it up nicely! This belongs in a movie fer sure! Very creative! I really enjoyed my listen!

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Great juxtapositions giving an eerie vibe. I love when you bring your own voice in. I picture a fear-filled night, trying to calm down nerves in order to sleep. The vastness of the synth sound is perfect. Here’s to following inspiration!!

This is whetting my appetite for making something more experimental, so if I do, you get credit.