In Your Own Way

In Your Own Way

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Liner Notes: 

Nancy sent me a rather bouncy piano part and I disappeared into a complex rabbit warren for days. I played upright bass and guitar. I wrote some lyrics and sang something. My wife @pfoo played drums. Nancy listened and sent some cool backing vocals.

The complex rabbit warren eventually spit out a rather simple tune. This is about relationship stuff from long ago, not about where I am today...

Sometimes it's a joy not to play to a click, though that makes remote collabs harder. Thanks to Eric and Patti for following my rhythmic fluctuations; I like how natural-sounding this turned out. The lyrics turned out relatable to my distant past, too. Some things do get better when you're older.


There was a time
when you liked to say
you love me
you loved me in your way
even when it was
hard to tell
even when things were
going to hell

Sometimes I wish we'd known better
I wish we'd waited
til September
still we left behind good judgment
too late to make
an adjustment

That's what I get for believing
that's what I get for not leaving
that's what I get for hanging around too long
trying to stay strong

So here we are
stuck with each other
things are rough
they're gonna get rougher
here we are
we made our choices
every day we
raise our voices

we coulda realized
before too late
we coulda called off that date
we shoulda known better
than to try to live

There was a time
you when you liked to say
you love me
you loved me in your way

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I love your notes about the warren. Also this is a great collab. Sounds fun and cool.

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Brilliant song and collaboration. Such a joy to listen to even though it touches very deep, unsettling situation. I love the upbeat light feel. Brilliant lyrics, music, singing, playing, duet, demo. I might be wrong but it feels to me as if the song is in the middle of the musical movie where things will turn out positively for this couple and they will eventually find the way back in love, being together happily. There is this positive feel in the music, singing and playing. It makes me smile rather than feel sorry for broken hearts/love. Thank you a gorgeous team!

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Oh this appeals! I appreciate the bluesy jerkiness and the vision it conjures of a collection of bluesplayers more-or-less sticking together as the music rolls! Just read the liner notes: rhythmic variations, I do that too on piano if there's no click going--doesn't matter with CBG, oddly--but hey, if the others can follow, you end up with this live and bouncy sound (I refuse to use the word "vibrant") |8= And the lyric has that bluesy feel of we-got-it-wrong-but-what-the-hey...

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Great vocal and great musical arrangement. Not sure what you're using to record (and share tracks back and forth with), but a lot of DAWs (I use Cakewalk by BandLab) have tools that can help fix that "timing" stuff--my son used to send me his acoustic guitar parts that would speed up when the drugs kicked in. (Kidding!) They were usually pretty easily fixable.

That said, 50/90 is all about getting the songs out and these small imperfections can, of course, be fixed later. Great job you guys!

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Yeah, sometimes it's hard to stay out of the rabbit hole and just say "it's done".
I like how this all hangs together.
At times it sounds like it's almost out of control, which really works for me.
(I'm no fan of click tracks at all)
Really great vocals all 'round.
Nice track you folks put together here!

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Love your voice on this. nice work. very strong voice and the song eeks nice subtle changes.