Share One Moment of These Lonely Days and Nights?

Share One Moment of These Lonely Days and Nights?

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Liner Notes: 

dzd: This was a blast to put together, and really happy with how it turned out! I was going to cheat and add the title for my lyrics after hearing everyone else's, but decided against it Biggrin
You guys can add your own lyrics

sph: after procastinating for much too long what "anything goes" could mean I settled for mixing some instruments from the ever so popular discovery library with an acoustic guitar recording.

Fuzzy: I took a sample of @kahlo2013's bit and looped it and laid some Melodica over it. Sorry, @ballyhoot; I really took the "Anything Goes" thing to heart. Sorry I made it hard to follow up!

ballyhoot: I was reluctant to participate in this corpse because I was a little intimidated by the experimental/anything goes label, but I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring and see if I could stretch myself a little bit. In the end, I don't think I stretched myself very much, so I'm a little disappointed. It didn't help that I had to follow-up @Fuzzy, who had a really interesting Jocelyn Pook vibe going on, which I just didn't how to build off of. I entertained fantasies of weaving together complex drum loops and "found" sound samples, but as it turns out, I just don't have the patience, sensibility, or ear for that kind of thing, and I ended up spiraling back into a pretty straight-forward rock song. I hasten to add, though, that I like what I ended up with and I'm hoping I find the time to expand it into a full song before the end of 50/90.


dzd: twang screech screech brrrrrrtttt ;)

sph: scratch scratch plug...


Fuzzy: blat blat blat on the Melodica.


Ever since she left me
All I got are lonely days


Do you want to share them with me
Do you want to share them
Do you want to share them with me
Share these lonely days

They're all that I can see
Nothing but these lonely days


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Ha! Thanks all for including me in the exquisite anything goes corpse! I love the instrumentation and the the mood you created. It is a mind bending journey that follows a thread of angst, loneliness, and sorrow ending with such a great summary of the feelings this collection evokes. Thanks for the great stitching too!

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This is brilliant! What a great collection of themes so wonderfully stitched together. Great job everyone!

See You In The Shadows…

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What a strange ride! As much as I enjoyed all the different sounding stages I like how @ballyhoot's song ties everything together.
Big thank you to everyone involved and especially @dzd for stitching and @ballyhoot for organizing the exquisite corpse forum.

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i was imagining an earthling trying to engage some aliens in a piano grooven,and all the noise the aiens make in response..then it seems they shoved the earthling back into the weirdness of the universe to let him float it off. a theme song rises over the end credits but the film is not over. one of the aliens finds an accordian and a telephone. he plays it for awhile and a genie pops out of the phone and transforms the whole planet into a super disco filled the with broken hearted ghosts of the space travelers who have perished here in the past.

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Ok, now we have the concept for the animated video clip. Who's going to realize it? Biggrin

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I can draw stick people at the best of times, count me out, but yeah that's a perfect concept!

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1. Aliens frantically playing their version of rock and roll. 2. Crazed orchestral flourishes. 3. Beautiful yet bizarre - I like the various bips and bops. 4. Fuzzy, no doubt! Suitably dark and weird - that little clicking thing keeps the rolling waterfall of melodica churning nicely. 5. Normality returns with some nice electric guitar and vocals.

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Very interesting corpse. Some cool sound combinations throughout. Wish I could've broken free of my usual song-writing approach and done something more experimental, but I'm happy with what I did, and I'm pleased that it doesn't sound too much out of place.

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Excellent work, folks!
Great stitching job, @dzd; it hangs together nicely!

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There are five incredibly different contributions, but the way they flow shows just how sympatico everyone was in really listening to the ten seconds of the previous section they were given and continuing and building on the existing vibe. Kudos to @dzd for a first-class piece of stitching that emphasises that continuity brilliantly.

A really interesting listen, just as it should be. And I'm nodding sagely at @ballyhoot's reference to Jocelyn Pook - I love her work and I can hear why you'd think of her in this!

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Great and varied corpse piece, even if the parts are quite different it flows very nicely. Really like Kahlo and Fuzzy's parts.

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Fun listen, the structure works well with how it begins and ends.