Circle Jerkin

Circle Jerkin

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Liner Notes: 

Was late to skirmish, but definitely did this in less than an hour Smile

Not quite the direction I first had in mind for a song about work/working/worked hahah

no bonus words here, Biggrin might be something about the circle jerkers union later though, hahah just saw the bonus words

no double meanings initially even in mind.....My mind didn't hit the gutter until listening.........

might compound on this later, was really just thinking about the futility of "fixing" the mess we've caused for ourselves in the US
my juvenile potty mouth/mind has just always equated that to a circle jerk Smile


Workin on working
Nobody is working
Nothing is working
We're all just Circle Jerkin

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cool little piece here. i like the effect it instills in me, a whirlwind of panic from the reality that we face in this modern era of career advice and performance is probably more drama based than physicality.... the vocals work well and i like the chopping you do with some of the words. lyrically i like the simplicity of it! pretty much sums up here in the UK too :P

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Wow this is like some of the spoken word sonic poetry that happened as an offshoot of punk. Clever and cool take on the skirmish! Was kinda sad that it ended so soon.

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This is mind bending in a good way. The images it conjures up are kind of frenzied and intense and I agree it ended prematurely.

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i see the circle jerk of the workplace in a much more boring fashion. people walkig up and down the aisles carrying coppboards so they can pretend they are going somewhere with a purpose, when a;; they are doing is gissipping wuth co workers who also have nothing to do but sharpen pencils, your work scene is far more chaotic and anxiety provoking. like the last day of the month in the accounting department

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An intense sonic trip with simple, to-the-point lyrics. The chaos of the sounds definitely reflects what's going on here these days. Cool take on the skirmish.

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Your atmospheric guitar craziness really feels good in my ear holes.
Great title.
Nice work!

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I tried to comment on this last night, but my computer crashed & I guess the comment didn't save Sad Oh well, it made me listen twice Biggrin

I really like the percussion in this. Yes, we have that trademarked @dzd wall of guitar sound, but for me - the percussion is what makes this track (though I do love the vox as well). I would love to hear how you might develop this one into something longer.

See You In The Shadows…

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Nice, catchy and the almost robotic voices go well.