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Liner Notes: 

I don't know what happened. I never write or even play stuff like this, but this just wanted to come out. Yikes!

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I like this, the melody in the keys is pretty old school cool... but I swear this isn't an @IA tune. I swear it. So that begs the question... WHO exactly is it?
For real, though, I like that you're stepping out of the "normal" and giving us solid songs like this.

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I feel like I hearing something a little boogie woogie, a little rock-n-roll, a little 60's pop like something from an old TV show. Definitely a fun listen and well done on the skirmish!

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Reminds me of Sim City 2000 music. Got a groove and good looped and over, I'll never get bored! Loving the energy... how do you come up with ideas based on the prompts without the use of lyrics/vocals? Because it's something I'd like to learn, cause my songs stick to lyric matter rather than a musical idea - Good job! Thanks for the nostalgia hit my dude Biggrin

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Yup this is a really groovy bogie woogie!, agree with Andy this would be right at home as a sitcoms opening............ala Lavern and Shirley at the factory/etc.... I've had some crap assembly line jobs.......something like this would of been nice doing some mindless repetitive stuff........the loops keep the repetitive, and just enough noodling to keep it nice and interesting.

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I really love this! It makes me want to work out!!! Wonderful take on the skirmish prompt. I love that groove and the keys are fantastic. Such an awesome bottom heavy boogie to the bass line. I need to listen to this when I am doing some weights!!! Happy sounds!

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This is fun! Definitely a detour from your usual style, and one well worth it. Hints of Vince Guaraldi here, but also entirely your own.

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nice one! love that piano rhythm! it works so well with the bass and drums, too...

a bit of that early 70's feel, too, with the clavinet! maybe shades of leon russel/elton john? Smile
great work!