Fossil Fuel Red Herring Argument

Fossil Fuel Red Herring Argument

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Liner Notes: 

Labor Day skirmish (write a song in an hour) to the prompt: WORK or WORKING or WORKED
with bonus words: employ, union, fair, dollar

I got all the the words in, but feel like I write myself into a corner in the skirmish and the song is still kinda preachy. Oh well, FAWM on!


Fossil Fuel Red Herring Argument
Guitar tuned BEADF#B [actual chord sound(chord shape)]

[G(C)] Some argue that third party vendors
[Bm(Em)] employ boys and girls as child labor
[G(C)] in the extraction of metals for electric cars in third world countries.
[Bm(Em)] Of course the critics fail to mention
[G(C)] that a lot of the same metals are used in gasoline and diesel engine production
[A(D)] And lots of other products are built from those metals in factories

[B(E)] It bugs me that child labor is employed [Bm(Em)] anywhere
[Bm(Em)] And thats a bigger problem to be fixed [G(C)] everywhere
Thats a fossil fuel red herring argument, misdirection by those who oppose electric cars

[G(C)] Some argue that its not fair to auto workers
[Bm(Em)] Because electric cars take less labor
[G(C)] And that means fewer union auto worker jobs
[Bm(Em)] True the motor is less complex than the engine
[G(C)] But electric cars still have air conditioning
[A(D)] And otherwise the same interior and exterior parts with more electric technology and jobs that pay higher dollars

[Bm(Em)] It bugs me that anyone would lose a job to technology
[Bm(Em)] And thats a bigger problem as manual and industrial processes become [G(C)] obsolete
Thats a fossil fuel red herring argument, misdirection by those who oppose electric cars

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Really compelling defense of the facts and delivered with a style that drives the point home rationally without burning the fuel of judgment. Well done and great take on prompt!

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love the stand this song takes on work. i find it is very detailed and packs a lot in, and i love the free flowing of the delivery of the lyrics, the spoken word style you have is captivating and allows for the lyrics to be heard clearly. and i find it fun to read your lyrics along with your vocals, its like hearing an audio book with supplemental background music that doesnt distract but adds well to the style of your work. a hearty meaningful piece, well done Andy Smile

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nope doesn't come across preachy......just fact based opinions!
really great take on the prompt......the whole deal just bugs me too, I mean Chevy/GM was ahead of the game with their first Volts, but got shut down because....well money talks.....too much old money in old oil Smile Electric cars will also need lots of infrastructure built.....stations/etc with updated electric grids, but that makes sense so probably won't happen anytime soon hahah.

edit: have a buddy that let me drive his Tesla a few years about zoom zoom too Smile I've driven souped up "muscle" cars getting 2-3mpg that didn't have that kind of umpfff, I'm actually excited about those trucks!

but yeah great track! hahah the music is great........agree with nerdjealous about the way that comes across

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your spoken delivery is very musical, and keeps me interested in listening to what you have to say.

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This has a cool vibe to it. Love the soft spoken vocals, it brings forth the sincerity and pointedness of the lyrics. Preach on.