Every day is labour day

Every day is labour day

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Liner Notes: 

Am camping for a few days so can only do lyrics.


She gets up at five
Gets the whole thing going
Checks the ones who can
Sleep a little more

One hour later
She pushes her trolley
First shift
Seventeenth floor

Leaves them at the bus stop
Gets to the restaurant
Second shift
One more to go

And you can talk
About the dignity of labour
And the working man
And his pay

But here's someone
Slowly dissolving
For her, every day
Is labour day

No contracts
No rights
Just endurance
Every day
Is labour day

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A sad but true depiction of a (likely) single parent working two jobs just to survive.

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This is nice! and would be a great campfire tune.........but done joyously, everyday is labor day, just not today! hahaha

seriously though, this is really great.....let me know when/if you do get some music done to this!

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A powerful piece of commentary, and really strong imagery. Very nice.

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Very good message overall in this lyric - it reminds me of the reality that we often never get noticed for the good things we do, but as we are blood suckers for a little gossip that ultimately can intoxicate and change your perception of the working world, its a relief to know that others feel the same about the silent grafters who provide their needs and not to have a playground for trades of manipulation - gives me something to think about definitely! Biggrin