Saffron Fields

Saffron Fields

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Liner Notes: 

Said I needed to do something with my mandolin, so here it is. Mandolin and some preprogramed Middle Eastern percussion.

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I'm so used to hearing the mandolin with bluegrass or country that I never even imagined it making music like this. Very cool!

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Wow I felt like I was in Busch Gardens Tampa and was picturing dancers to the rhythm. The mandolin solo fit right in and sounded like non-western scales and notes being employed.

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Now I need a mandolin too Wink

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Wow, really excellent work here for sure!
Love the treatment on the mandolin mixed with the simple percussion.
Oh gosh, then it kicks in to high gear and gets even better.
Really nice job!

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Almost bell-like, and that change to the eastern scales...mmmm. Very India or more specifically very Kolkatha (tho' it was Calcutta when i was in residence long ago). Enjoyed this and I know the percussion is programmed but it would work well live too. (shakes his tamborine at kat) (and...what @sph said.)

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Mandolin sounds great combined with that percussion. You don't often hear Middle Easterny stuff played on mandolin, but it works. I feel like I'm in a Moroccan bazaar!

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Love the synchronized echo, sounds very cool. And a bit of a non-square, edgy melodic part for a mandolin. When I used to pick up a mandolin (I loaned it to someonte) I went straight to major pentatonic, pretty much.

Has some edginess.I like around the 1:00 mark where the (doumbeks?) come in, giving it an even more satisfying tonality.