The Bomb (exploded version)

The Bomb (exploded version)

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Note for "here":
I used dzd's (Cody) "Storm" live ambient sound recording and mixed it in, since prefer to only use "real" live loops, samples as I can, and are "original", so to speak.
-- So, if he vomits upon hearing this, I will remove his name as "Collaborator" since I merely use without his permission first, on this track, Wink his "Storm" file, hahhh and mix it in beyond recognition, actually (he may not recognize it?). (To me, sounded the most like an ICBM "flying", so to speak ? ... who knows; maybe we'll all get first hand knowing of that sound soon-nuff? Fool )

-- Tso, derUgo! Wink

Candle's Note: I really love what @ustaknow did with these lyrics. He turned them into an awesome protest song (with a little help from @dzd's storm Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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Wow! Great collaboration and great "technical achievement"--what with all the sampling and effects, etc. Love the double-tracked vocal. Just learning how to get that down myself.

Very, very nice collaboration guys!

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Still sounds almost thunderish Smile but yeah pretty unrecognizable haha, actually really works great as a "bomb" track, and the chaos of the echo'd vocals with it really nice touch. Love your vocal take on this too, its pretty and melodic, but there's still a frustration in the lyrical take! Guitar noodles/bass sound great bassline almost gives it a marching cadence Wink If you do anything else to this, that bass/electric could be upped a little towards the end for my tastes, maybe another "bomb" drop to end on? Biggrin
Nice work!

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I love ho this song morphs as it goes on. It starts out feeling very experimental and for me ended up feeling like a solid protest song. I love the repetition of "Stand up defy / The system's rigged still we must try" that is very powerful.

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Really cool take on this and works well in comparison to the other version.