How I Loved You

How I Loved You

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Liner Notes: 

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This is about that kind of intense wonderfully passionate love that you treasure but for whatever reasons in your life your recognize you have to move on


raindrops fell on my window
in the dark as I started to leave
but you tapped on my car door
I saw your lips say please

I rolled down my car window
and you leaned your face right in
your beautiful dark hair dripping
as you gave me a wet kiss

and I knew right then
that I couldn’t leave
you like this

in the car you told me
desires you long felt
feelings that you shared
made my surprised heart melt
I took you into my arms
and you brought me into your life
know I have loved you deeply
ever since that
rainy night

oh how I loved you then..

snowflakes fell on my window
and we both knew that I must go
then you tapped on my car door
like you had done four years ago

I rolled down the car widow
we embraced long one last time
tears falling down cold cheeks
your soft lips warming mine

and I knew back then
that love was the best
of its kind

at the car I told you
all the love I still held
feelings I truly treasured
despite timing we were dealt
I looked deep into your eyes
you said you understood
know I have loved you deeply
ever since more
than I should

oh how I love you now

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Wow, this is very moving and it tells such a story. In some ways it is a short story as well as a lyric.

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Oh gosh is this vivid! Sometimes I am speech read you words!

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I love the images of the rain and the snow in the verses and of course the chorus is solid, the message is just what I want to hear. A solid love song.