Lackadaisical Journey

Lackadaisical Journey

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Liner Notes: has an instrumental fest going on. I figured it was time I used the site to make another chiptune... after all, it's been a while.

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Sounds like a video game rendition of a Chinese motif in a movie. I especially enjoyed the surprise of the fast bits.

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I love this instrumental and I love Nancy’s comment! This was taking me to a video arcade in China as I listened. Love the movement and the addictive lilt. I would be putting in more tokens to keep playing.

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I can taste the fried rice, sorry maybe culturally inappropriate but true. Nice work.

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Really fun bit crush-y tune. I like the interplay of melodies especially!

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Definitely has the classic Nintendo vibe to me, sounds really good. The oriental theme is cool and I like how the melodic lines intertwine.

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The bitcrushed drums contrast nicely with the flute, which actually sounds pretty convincing in the lower registers. Then the middle section really kicks things up a gear with the tympani. Very pleasant; makes me want to dig out my old GameBoy for a few rounds of Tetris...

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I think many hours of playing Nintendo in my youth has made me partial to these chiptune compositions. This is the sort of laid-back, happy tune I imagine playing on our hero's home turf. Really enjoyed how this builds, and I agree with Nancy--the fast bits are a nice surprise.