Boardwalk Bust

Boardwalk Bust

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Liner Notes: 

This was fun!

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I got an immediate 80's feel from that main melody sound. Not sure that's fair. Oh, that melody is good.. I like how this is pretty steady throughout but still keeps my interest. A good combination of constant and contrast. Yeah, you've got a good feel to this one, too. It's happy without being cheesy. At least not excessively cheesy. Just the right amount of cheese. Just enough that you think you *might* need a napkin, but probably won't. But you better have one just in case. The perfect amount of cheese.

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Der Kommisar's in town! This really moves, such a funky good time. Is a boardwalk bust the opposite of a ballroom blitz?

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Good funky retro though I'm probabIy biased. I admit I'm partial to 80s synth tracks, and I still have a working Yamaha PSR-310 in captivity, from the mid-90s with lots of 80s presets. I'm partial to the progressions you're using too! [Only 19 tracks to go! Good to see our contract is still in play!)

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It's fun to listen to too! I like the synth sounds, mechanical hand claps and rhythms. Puts me on the dance floors of my youth, doing the robot moves.

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ooh, that early 80s sound for sure........... you do it well!