Bright star

Bright star

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Liner Notes: 

Quick skirmish write - started noodling on the uke and went from there!


Bright star
You show me where to look up in the sky to see the constellations
Bright star
You shine more brightly here on earth than those that light up all creation

And we might never make a belt, a triangle or bear
But everything you do for me you do with such sweet care

Bright star
You always come in at my darkest hour with all your tales of wonder
Bright star
If I could choose a light to guide my way it's you that I'd stand under

I'm not expecting lightyears or a voyage to the sun
We're just two comets passing through who don't need to be one

Bright star
I'll wait until the next time you shoot past to glow in your reflection
Bright star
I'll see your sparkle shining from afar flying in my direction

Bright star (shine on, shine on, shine on)

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That melody is just beautiful! and just wow when those vocal harmonies kick in! great ending too shine on indeed!
great write great skirmish!

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Beautiful song, singing and playing. So pretty!

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Great melody and song, nice harmonies too. I really like the long vocal lines that follow "Bright Star."

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This is really lovely! I love how you start verses with bright star and how your beautiful vocals hang on that .. especially as the harmonies come in. Great melody and lovely sentiment!

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A wonderful uplifting take on the skirmish!

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nice song and i like the repeat it works well. Nice skirmish

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Like that strumming, lovely voice, and lovely lyric. I like that part with the Bright Star as a call to the sky. Like a love letter to the star.

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Ahhh, this is sooooo lovely! First let me say I love, Love, LOVE your vocals! You remind me a bit of Joan Baez and that is meant as a huge compliment! The melody is enchanting and you really made that ukulele sound good! Really nice work on this skirmish prompt!

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What a lovely lovely song! Pretty vocals and lyrics.

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I like the melody a lot, it's very engaging. The lines cascade down and around after Bright Star and it's very effective. Lovely vocal and those harmonies are great! So pretty. Good playing too! Great job on the skirmish!