Skirmish - s090620 - Stars Above

Skirmish - s090620 - Stars Above

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish Theme: "BRIGHT STAR"
by corinne54

Didn't have any lyrics come to mind, nor did I feel like using my synthvox.
So I just searched my sounds and looked for ones that had "star" in the name, and used only those.
Found a vocal sample and chopped it down to "to the stars above", then found another simple one just saying "stars". Added fx and stuff.
The drum kit I used had "star" in the name, too, so cool. Just happened to be an 80s kit. Works for me. Made a simple ballad-ish drum pattern.
Just did twinkly, bright airy stuff with all the sounds and kept it simple and light so I could meet the time limit. 8 minutes over, my most successful skirmish all year.
Its short and I didn't have time to do an intro or outro, but its a serviceable track.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really love this! Sort of spacey and so catchy!

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Thats a really nice tune mate. Its crying out for some words. I might have a think on that. Really good one

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I don't know how people put together multi-layered musical elements in such a quick time frame, but you obviously know what you're doing! Interesting to hear how it evolved. It's dreamy and has good energy. Nicely done!

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feel good vibe to this - love the box samples you elected to use - just enough to make the song sparkle like a bright star!

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I think you should write by synth names alone more often! hahah
for me this works as a fully fleshed out track........stars...........stars............stars.......fading........don't need more outro than that IMO Smile
kicks in really nice and sudden too.........boom! there's a star Wink
it's great! nice skirmish!

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A pleasant listen resulting from an interesting approach.

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Very interesting take on the prompt. I like the way you were finding your sounds. Very nice layers.

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Getting a new appreciation of this type of music, it can be, as in this, very emotive!

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Definitely has an 80s feel to it. What a cool way to choose sounds - I love it! It all came together beautifully.

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Drum kit sounds awesome, big and oomphy. Really nice arrangement and usage of your "star" sounds.

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80’s for sure! Does sound like outer space. I like what you did.

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Wow, this is really interesting and a fun one to listen to! I love the overall vibe and how you put those vocal parts together!

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Very inventive of you! I like the result!