Bright Star

Bright Star

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Liner Notes: 

Only saw the challenge a few minutes before it ended. Here's a Haiku (of sorts) based on the theme. I cheated and added a little bit of piano a few minutes later.


a light from a star
is a message from the past
winking to say Hi

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Lovely piano and message, and a really cool short work, very nice.

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Oh, this is really sweet and made me smile. Lovely piano!

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The piano is perfect for these words.
I love the concept of the words, too. "...message from the past" - that made me feel such distance and time in a very quick moment.
And the "saying hi" reinforces my feelings of stars having a certain "cuteness" or lovableness.

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I love it! it's perfect! beautiful, poignant, and short and sweet! piano twinkles are a perfect addition!

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Oh, this is so tiny and yet packs in so much! It's really lovely! Works so well spoken over the twinkly piano.

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10 seconds of pure bliss! Amazing how you made such a magical short song. Your voice is hypnotic and so is your piano Roddy.

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Beautiful! Short and sweet! And I love the star reference; it always blows me away to think we are looking at the past when stargazing! Nice work!

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Perfect! Really really nice Roddy!

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Your voice is pretty cool and this thing is too