You are my bright star

You are my bright star

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for your beautiful theme.
Thank you for listening and commenting.
My music is open to collaborations. Please let me know if you hear lyrics/vocals/other instruments, etc.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Thats a nice piece! The music goes well with the prompt and that really good picture.

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This is really lovely Nadia. I love the twinkle of high notes that sparkle like a bright star. Beautiful flow.

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Gorgeous melody that does evoke a loving feeling, I also pictured the high notes as a star or stars in the sky.

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There's a hopeful feeling I get listening to this. Beautiful chords and playing. It's very lovely and those high notes repeating bring an emotional element like saying...look up and shine.

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Ahhhh so utter beauty! So soft and soothing!

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As all others state, there is beauty here and a feeling of love, exactly as you state in your description.
Your pieces are always great, and I really enjoy just leaning back and closing my eyes while listening. Perhaps its my mood, but this was a bit emotional to me. Piano pieces, regardless of the intent of the composer, tend to move me in a more melancholy way.
I think the character of your piano itself, the way it feels far away or in another room...that is really effective for me as a listener - it adds so much.
Excellent piece.

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So beautifully soft, some really great movement in this too, I wish it was night time I'd take a bottle to the porch and stare at the stars, while've captured that feeling of a favorite pastime of mine! hahah.........not a good idea to stare at the daystar! Wink

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Again wishing it was dark outside to go and have a peek, nice piece!

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What a beautiful piano piece Nadia! Some really sweet changes in progression. I really loved listening to your new song!

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So pretty, Nadia. Thank you for always joining the skirmishes, and sharing your beautiful music with us

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My new favorite of yours--you do have a way with melody. One thing I've gotten out of 50/90 this season, is how important melody is--and I've tried to do better for my last several songs...rather than just start singing when the music starts playing and hop around from chord note to chord note.

You apparently come up with your melodies first, and I'm going to have to start working on that. This is just truly beautiful, Nadia!

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Beautifully bright and hopeful.

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I just read your Bright Star poem/lyrics, so I had to hear your song, too.
Lovely! I really enjoy your songs with synth sounds, and you are just as wonderful on a good ol' piano. Interesting blend of chords and single-note runs in the melody. So nice!