Limitless Beaches (DZD Vox Version)

Limitless Beaches (DZD Vox Version)

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Liner Notes: 

Candle here: @dzd sent me some vocals to mix in with Limitless Beaches (*45029), so after recording Morphine Cruise (*45065), I added his vox to my Buzz project & did a mix. I really like what he added. This was a fun collab. Biggrin

DZD says: Prime reason why a second set of ears are lovely to have! the mix I sent you of this had vocals a little later in the beat(somewhat covering up a lot of the great guitar work, main reason I was unhappy with it) and were lower, mostly inaudible.......I really love this! It was a very fun collab! I started work on the buzz track you sent me last night this morning before it got too hot, should finish it next day or so. Smile

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Yeah, this is nice.
The music is lush and lovely, but the vox add a little edge to the proceedings.
I like how the vox are dropped back in the mix, kinda like Damo Suzuki's.
Great headphone music for sure.
Well done!

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perfect music for an opium den. the music is so smokily dense that its like an aural version of a laser show. i think the vocals are placed just right. near enough to follow the music but far enough away so you dont try to make out the lyrics, you guys are true mixmasters.

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It's a great track.

One would deff not want to cover up any of the guitar, "musications", -- but for "me", I'd get the vocal stem and dup it, then strip out all above 1000Hz (and use only that), (possibly up the 8KHz slightly if not to much), then mix it back in with "width" (dup'd mono track, manually separated L/R), but out of the way of anything else in the track at a much lower dB, -- and would hear the Hi-Hz just distinctify the vocals enough to separate yet leave all else alone, -- could even add more harmonic and headspace tone. -- Clarity for all elements.

That would just take it from 100% to 100.9%, but, would "listen" better on all the "Muddy" ear buds packed with filthy Smile ear wax Wink folks use these days on their cell phones to listen to our great work with, -- damn them... Fool
-- Just sayin, just sayin... Smile

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Had to listen to this version too. The vox is perfect here, I love how soft and gentle it sounds in the mix. I also notice some hypnotic feel that wasn't there in the instrumental version. It's like some shaman delivering some mysterious incantation. Lovely.

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The laid back vocals fit with the music in this version, has a nice chill vibe to the whole track.