I Don't Wanna Be a Grownup

I Don't Wanna Be a Grownup

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Liner Notes: 

I have often wondered why as kids all we want to do is grow up. It's much more fun being a kid.


I Don't Wanna Be a Grownup
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I don't wanna be a grownup
Pay bills and die
I want to go to the park
And swing really really high

I don't wanna be responsible
Go to work every day
I want to have a sleepover
Ride my bike and play

I wanna run for the sake of running
Take a bath with a rubber ducky
Squish in the mud in my bare feet
Watch Mr Rogers and Sesame Street

Birthday parties and friends
Summer days that never end

I don't wanna be too old
Paying my credit card
I want to go outside at night
And catch fireflies in the yard

I don't wanna be uptight
Being so tired on my ass
I wanna jump on my bed
And roll down a hillside of grass

Repeat chorus

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Really great write, the hardest thing today is giving any child a childhood, aint that the truth,

I don't wanna be uptight
Being so tired on my ass


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Fantastic write Cindy! You've totally captured the quintessential joy of being a happy carefree child and how we rush towards adulthood only to find those joys have disappeared...the dichotomy of those two stages of life I guess...more's the pity... Sad

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nice write. i like the paradoxical flavour of the song being quite like a childish strop. proving your inner child is very much active still Wink