Hazy Sunday Morning Blues

Hazy Sunday Morning Blues

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Hazy Sunday morning blues,
Pull on my old big black boots,
Trying to make it out the house,
But I fall back in the couch,
And drink another coffee dry,
Stare out the window at the sky,
I get lost in asking why,
Then forget, get up and try,
To make it through the day,
Without wasting away,
All my precious time,
But its so hard when I try,

Hazy Sunday morning blues,
Hazy Sunday morning blues,

As the hours roll on by,
I turn the TV on and lye,
Back into my bed,
But my mind wanders instead,
So I try to read a book,
Put on some music and cook,
Something to switch me on,
But my head still feels so wrong,

Hazy Sunday morning blues,
Hazy Sunday morning blues,

As the day passes by,
I give up and stay inside,
And the fear settles in,
That Monday's just around the bend,
I know it will be alright,
Once I have made it past night,
But its hard when your in,
That Sunday blue spin,

Hazy Sunday morning blues,
Hazy Sunday morning blues,

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Wow, you have some really good ones! So relatable and nice guitar. Love it!

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Love your style and sound Smile I think many folks will relate to this Sunday morning feeling, and this song certainly evokes the lethargy and time flowing away, very well.

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Nice simple song, great little riff, almost a bit kinksy? Nice.

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I like this riff a lot. Easy to sing a long with and has a sense of urgency that contrasts with the description of a lazy Sunday in the lyrics. I get that "trying to motivate yourself" feel for sure.