Limitless Beaches

Limitless Beaches

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Liner Notes: 

@Candle here: @dzd sent me some stems (some of which I didn't even use on this song, so they might show up in something else - stay tuned Biggrin ) & I right away started mashing them up in Jeskola Buzz. I ran his guitar track through three different delays (FSM's Panzer Delay; HD's Combo Delay & LD's Pipe Delay - which are all native Buzz Machines) & panned them all over the place. Then I dropped in the bass & percussion track he sent me before recording some guitar tracks of my own (also panned all over the place - so you probably want headphones for this one). Then I did some mixing, rendered the track out to a WAV file & then encoded it to an MP3 in Audacity. Et voilà… a track that's a little bit o'dzd & a little bit in the shadows…

@dzd here: oh my! as I'd told you I didn't even remember what I'd sent you(was some chunks out of a few hour long "jammin with myself session" Biggrin ..........I know I for sure didn't send anything near that nice! hahaha that's absolutely wonderful! I would also highly recommend headphones! I remember now, what you used was probably just about a minute to 1 1/2 min little looped snippet, that I didn't even have cleaned up into a legitimate loop Biggrin awesome work! Love your guitar parts in this!

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Your liner notes may as well be written in Russian, understand the words but not the how to LOL. Still nice movement in this, and certainly makes for a great aural soundscape

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This was interesting (and good!), but I had to GOOGLE "Jeskola Buzz". I'd never heard of it.

If you're looking for free music software, I use "Cakewalk by BandLab"--which is, incredibly, free. Now...I've used it since 1992 in its various versions and spent, over the years, thousands in upgrades. But it is free now and is every bit as powerful as ProTools, Logic, etc. Just in case you're still looking for free software that you can do a lot with.

Obviously, you can do a lot with "Buzz", too, because this came out well. Nice job!

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Yup, headphones for sure.
I'm liking that guitar line soaring above the turbulent ocean below.
Excellent collab from two of my favourite 50/90ers!

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Sounds like first Pink Floyd w/orig band, -- very nice.

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Awesome. The guitar work is really colorful and eloquent, and the atmosphere created by the effects and production really enhances it. The piece sounds both romantic and mystical, I really enjoy it.

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The sounds in this one bubble and I can see sitting on a beach and enjoying a warm day while this plays along.