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Liner Notes: 

A very dark part of me think people cancel plans with me on purpose; simply because they know how much I'm looking forward to a thing, so they do it last minute to spite let me look forward to the thing all week, then take it away purposely.
I need to get out of my own head. It is dangerous to think such things.
Anyway, thinking about it, I never attempted straight up west coast hip hop before. I don't really make hip hop at all, I noticed. Hmm.
oh well, this is just a really quick thing for fun...cause now i ain't got nothin' better to do. (it was really only some online D&D...aaaand it was only rescheduled for 2moro night and not actually cancelled Smile )

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i dont think people do shit like that on purpose, there a guitar player in seattle who i took under my wing when he was just a kid. we played together for several years and he continues to play with that old group of friends we shared. i went back to seattle for 12 years after being away for 16, and every time we ran into each other, he treated me like a brother and always promised to call me, to get together and play or just hang out. but he never called. and for 12 years we never got together except by accident. but i think he wanted to . he just never got around to it. i dont think he was beimig an asshole, he was just preoccupied. so i dont think cancelled plans have ulterior purposes or meanings. but i dig your track.

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Yeah, I'm enjoying this track a lot! I have only recently tried to expand my horizons to include hip hop and rap. I'm diggin' on some Eminem (obviously 'cause I'm white and old and wouldn't know where else to start, right?) Your track is sweet and my only criticism is it is too short! Smile So I had to hit play again!

As for people canceling, ya gotta be careful who you choose to be with. Choose good people and then trust them to be good! Forgive them for screwing up unless it becomes a regular thing. Don't feel bad about feelin' bad either. It sucks to get canceled on! It is fair to be sad or pissed when it happens. Oh and one last thing I'll admit to, as an introvert, I actually love when people cancel plans sometimes 'cause it frees me up to do something unexpected. Like this hip hop track! Nice work!

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Your stuff is so far off genres I listen or listened too but I really like it. The high lead line sparkles through.
As for people cancelling plans, I’d just go on my own. I traveled a lot on my own in my younger days and just made friends with people who were there (or not).
Nice track!

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Now I have an inexplicable desire to both watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and to start freestyling some lyrics.

Which is to say you nailed the old-school west-coast hip-hop feel.

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This is primo-grade hip hop. There are touches worthy of The Art of Noise going on in the background - but it's over less than ninety seconds in? Nooooo! More!

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Not my usual cup of tea but I'm enjoying every refreshing sip! Smile

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Very cool! Yes, too short - more!