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Liner Notes: 

Nancy Rost sent me a piano/guitar part that i tried to expand into an orchestral thing using the Spitfire free orchestral patch and some Spitfire LABS free sounds.

Weird. Maybe.

NR: Guitar part done by untrained guitarist in alternate tuning, with piano added later. Sort of a blind-leading-the-blind experiment, glad standup was game!



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Very rich are varied. I like the changes around 2.40. All the instruments are very good, my favourite is the piano towards the end. Good collaboration.

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I bloody love this. Huge production, big sound, cinematic treatment. I've got the movie that this accompanies playing out in my head right now.

Who knew that Spitfire's free BBC SO Discover VST would unlock such an amazing array of creative energy this summer?

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"untrained in alternate tuning" kind of sums up my life at times, I think. But this works perfectly. It has a lot of bits in it that are just so damn tasty. You two have done it again.

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That guitar has a bit of a "League of Crafty Guitarists" vibe to it.
Oh, this is such a tasty track.
I'm loving it.
So many interesting things going on here.
The orchestral line is so lush sounding.
Yeah, the guitar is perfect.
Excellent work, folks!

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I got that BBC Discover software myself a while back and have yet to fire it up. You've done great work with it, so I'm looking forward to taking a look after 50/90 is over (which it almost is, for me--I just uploaded #49!)

Great job on this!

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Excellent! Lush orchestral soundscape. Lots of interesting sounds and rhythms. I'm going to have to check out Spitfire LABS stuff. Cool collab!