Mist Kissed Her Rays

Mist Kissed Her Rays

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Liner Notes: 

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Lovely and atmospheric music-- the one note in the piano run that sounds out of the key really gives a strong feeling of tension and release to the music. Very enjoyable.

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This is beautiful. A lush landscape and the melody is oh so sweet. Would be perfect in a movie or TV show!

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This is so pretty! I especially love that piano part at 2:14, it's so delicate and emotional. A wonderful listen from start to finish - great work!

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I love the modal feel of this. And those chords at the end, surprising and climactic.

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I’m sitting on a train watching the English country side race by listening to this gorgeous piece. I feel I should be seeing film titles rolling past my eyes. Fantastic

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Perfect film score material. Accompanying something darkly mysterious; the protagonist making his way to the setting of the final act, perhaps. The combination of bass piano notes and cellos at 1:50 is a real spine-tingling moment, as are those final, astonishing arpeggios. Gorgeous.