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Liner Notes: 

Originally started this in 2016.
This is about someone I lost in April of that year.
So it'll never be good enough; it'll never be what I want it to be.
I changed sounds, added layers, rearranged made sections, and added synthvox. Didn't have words before. Back then, I still thought I'd do something with my music and be in a position to get a kids' choir to sing this.


You're not supposed to go...
You're not supposed to go...
You're not supposed to go...
Why did you have to go?

You're not supposed to go
and leave me all alone
Why did you say goodbye
and leave me down here all alone?

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sounds like the wail of a confused, abandoned child in an increasingly hostile and alien world.

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yeah Bill nailed a great description for this, no children's choir needed!........and you really nailed this musically and lyrically.........don't need to always try to get all deep and existential about everything to get a point across!! Glad you shared this!
Always impressed with your synthvox use I think I've still only heard a few of yours so far this summer, but this is even better done than that rodeo chicken wings one that got stuck in my head for days haha, granted I know that was a skirmish and this one actually means something, but still that was catchy as could be....This is too, but on a whole other level. Really Really amazing work! No it won't ever be "finished" loss always going to leave a hole. Be proud of this one though, I struggle myself with tough subject matter in writing....Have heard this 3 times now, still hearing some amazing work in all those beautifully sad layers.....I think point is made even with no lyrics(but by all means, please keep them in!!)
edit: just saw date/title of this.......particularly bad month for me as well Wink probably partly why hitting me so close to home! but again, thanks for sharing!

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Yeah this is a bit different! But good different. Nice one

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Very cool track. Atmospheric and with some very nicely layered sounds.

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The pick-up is really powerful here. Great layers of sound, dynamic and well produced. You gave this track just enough I would say. I love how the vocal melody returns with the synths. and when the vocals return it's really excellent especially with the piano that comes in. This is a seriously great song!