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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: Had I time and resources, I'd arrange this for soft piano, subtle bass, and drums with mostly brushes. Also a smokey jazz bar, a super hot singer, and some whiskey. I love @LadyRed's lyrics. Sigh...


I lie in bed
Not wanting to sleep
I have nightmares
That seem too real

But then you appear
And lay down beside me
Taking my hand
And kissing my cheek

You do not move
All the night long
And your breathing soothes
And lulls me to dreams

In the morning, you're gone
But I am awake
And the dark dreams
Have faded to black

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Stellar collab you two. And now I’m off to grab a whiskey

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It's hard to resist her lyrics (at least it is for me). This is right gorgeous, I must say. It sounds like a nice, spicy drink. I'm not sure what food best goes with it, but being that I'm not a drinker I'll just go with what I think would be good with this. I love the simplicity of the arrangement. Lady Red's lyrics tend to have a lot of weight in a seemingly simple narrative. You brought that out perfectly here. Now, go have that whiskey.

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a warm nightcap of a song for a chilly night

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I really like Lady Red's lyrics, too, but I wouldn't know how to approach them.
You've done a really great job at interpretation, Adnama.
Yeah, mellow love songs for the win.
I can see why you'd want a full-on jazzy arrangement, but you do a stellar job all by yourself.
Excellent collab!