I Swear This Isn’t Another Song About Aliens

I Swear This Isn’t Another Song About Aliens

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Ever wonder if there’s life out
Out amongst the stars, beyond the earth’s atmosphere
You look to me and I already know what you’re gonna say.
But this isn’t another song about aliens, no way

Radio signals from deep in space
Can be heard from earth but only just a trace.
I can see you rolling your eyes as though you’re saying “not again”
But this isn’t another song about aliens

Mysterious lights flickering over the city;
The Army and the Air Force both claim responsibility
But they don’t know jack shit, their stories don’t add up.
But this is not another song about aliens, have I made that clear enough?

Well, Tom DeLonge went crazy,
Tom DeLonge went insane.
Maybe he couldn’t handle the attention and the fame.
But I’m no Tom DeLonge; my sanity’s all there.
I think there might be aliens but I don’t really care

Outer space documentaries playing on TV
It’s nice to spend the evening with you even though right now you hate me
Cause you think this song‘s annoying, and you wish that it would end.
But this isn’t another song about aliens.

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the distortion on the guitar adds to the lo fi ambience. if only the song were not about aliens.

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Clever title/lyrics with charming mention of Tom DeLonge. I dig the LoFi sound.