Procrastination (Days Go By)

Procrastination (Days Go By)

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Liner Notes: 

Yesterday Messrs. Eno and Byrne dropped by for a surprise visit to to the world famous Fuzzy Sound Labs located here in our secret underground bunker.

They didn't tell us they were coming, so our defense AI nearly shot down their helicopter until we realized who was on board.

They were so impressed with my staff (as well as by the cafeteria food and the recently installed bowling alley) that they agreed to contribute vocals to this track.

They even let us call them Bri and Dave.

This tune is about how strange I'm finding it to have had no schedule whatsoever over the past few years.

Headphones strongly recommended, as usual.

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this is a near indescribable descent into the depths of sound. glad i had headphones on or mught have lost my ear balance and suffered from the bends.

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The fun in this for me, is there's something normal and something really unusual going on. It works and goes together well. It was as if there was galopping going on which made me laugh uncontrollably when hearing those stolen morphed vocals. By the way, it's good for you, isn't it? Living without schedules? Who came up with them anyway?

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i couldnt really hear what the words were but as it echoes round my head post listen i have the crooning out of "existential!" dunno if that is right but i dont suppose it matters. good to hear you my bonkers melodica pal

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Those crazy panned bongos really grabbed me. And then yes - the stolen vocals. So awesome. And your melodica adding all that emotion. This is absolutely fabulous, @Fuzzy.

See You In The Shadows…

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Are the vocals from "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"? The combo of bongos, melodica, helicopter noises and other stuff makes for a deliciously weird stew. Ominous!

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This is fabulous! Glad I was sitting down, could be vertigo inducing! especially with that cymbal wash coming in like waves crashing.......
really nice work here!
Glad they didn't get shot down and had a chance to join in on what sounds like a great time! hahah BriBri and Daveypoo should visit more often! lingered around in my head after a listen as well, going to have to give it another Wink

I'm sure I've heard whatever this got ripped from, but it's not instantly placeable, so well done with that to! well 2nd time through "how did I get here" is the rest all just from that too? all stretched about?........ya know, who cares! hahah great stuff!

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The lyrics seem to have a darker meaning in this new context. I love the excessive amount of bongos, the lush cymbals, and classic Fuzzy melodica. Nice one!

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Totally love it, really immersive headphones mix too

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This is a real journey with headphones on.

I feel like I'm being dragged in a sled by reindeer to meet the witch in the middle of the snow covered forest. There are no clouds, and no stars. Instead, hundreds of invisible faces watching in beyond the treeline, making noise.