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Liner Notes: 

So it seems that I have a theme now of trying to expand the standard songbook lexicon by use of an odd word or too. This one came music first. I was trying to find a six syllable word to fit that melody over the Dm7 in the chorus and the word that came to mind was "tatterdemalion", so I was then stuck with how to make a story out of it. It's a bit slight right now, and not quite subtle enough, so I've no doubt there'll be a new version at some point.

Production note: I'll probably rehearse that falsetto a bit too before I record it again, but you get the idea of where the melody is going.


Blew in on the north wind, Tuesday
What’s his business here, who can say?
But we don’t like the looks of his threadbare suit
And the way that he looks right back at you

How long til you catch the wind again, drift and spin away?
How long til you leave us be again, let us breathe?

This here is a Nice town, so you know
And we got our rights now, so blow
With your dandelion hair and your cobweb skin
And your diamondback stare, exposing the judgement within

How long til you catch the wind again, drift and spin away?
How long til you leave us be again, let us breathe?

How long til you catch the wind again, drift and spin away?
How long til you leave us be again, let us breathe again?

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I could see a video to go with this song as I listened. Wonderful.

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Very powerful and emotional. The 'how long' lyrics are very strong. Plus a John Lennon piano. Amelia Pond would love this.

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i like this a lot. the falsetto parts are already on the edge of brilliant.

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i have a song with tatterdemalion in it so the title caught my eye. love the falsetto melody and the whole thing has a lovely space. enjoyed very much.

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Such beautiful music for such a dark figure. I've wanted to write a song touching on Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, and I tried once, but didn't quite get what I was after. This is close, lyrically. The description reminds me of Mr. Dark... not appearance wise obviously, but just that quiet kind of evil that sneaks up on a place. Man, you are getting my brain going!

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Ha, cool word I hadn't heard of before. The music as it stands kind of reminds me of a cross between a ballad from a musical and a weird emo song (both of which I would like), so it was enjoyable for me.

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The lyric is very nice, thats such a good opening line too "Blew in on the north wind, Tuesday". The dreamy melancholy chords give it a nice movement and I really like the falsetto melody jump you do in this is. Its catches you a bit off gaurd. Very nice song.

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Super cool lyric with some highly creative adjectives -- and then a nice melody with some tricky vocals ending on a word almost nobody uses anymore. Thumbs up!

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Ugh, I LOVE those borrowed chords. It's a rush of good feelings to hear them so naturally come alive with the story. Excellent and adored, per usual.

I feel for the character but I like the suspicious perspective. It sorta softens the harshness of rejection but captures it perfectly; sweetly, somehow. What a magic trick.

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Great title! Absolutely beautiful piano and poetic lyrics (love "your dandelion hair and your cobweb skin"). Reminds me a bit of Ben Folds. Emotional drive in the vocals very effective! Lovely song.

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This song it stunning, the piano part is beautiful and you are telling a lovely story.

PS - We actually collect Black Phillip stuff, my wife LOVED him.

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Another fabulous word! What a lovely, floating, classic-pop piano tune. Nice hook in the chorus, the falsetto bits are great. The lyrics have an imaginative, fairy tale quality and I don't feel as if I'm being hit over the head with "tatterdemalion" when it comes in. Definitely one to keep!

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This caught my eye because I know the [@wobbie wobbitt] song with this word in it.
And I'm glad it did. This is a lovely story, really nicely told. Smile

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Damn, this is good, beautifully theatrical. Dandelion hair, cobweb skin, diamondback stare--wow, that's some good stuff. That falsetto is great-- totally get the idea. Anyway, this is a winner for sure.

I came by for another listen. I've actually locked eyes with a number of diamondback rattlesnakes. None of those animals left that encounter with their heads attached. I now recognize their importance in the ecosystem and wouldn't be inclined to harm one today.

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I have no personal experience at all with them - we have a grand total of one poisonous snake in Scotland. I'm not even sure where I got the phrase from, other than it scanned well. Hope it makes sense!

And thanks!