Thomasin's Dilema

Thomasin's Dilema

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Liner Notes: 

This was for the skirmish prompt "conversation"

I struggled for a bit to get started on this one and it ended up a lot longer than I meant it to.

It's about having a conversation with the devil but maybe he's not all wrong?

This is a largely inspired by Black Phillip talking to Thomasin in "The Witch", her life wasn't all that great so maybe running off to the woods to live with the witches isn't so be.

On this track:
Fender Strat Squire
A fair amount of reverb


Verse: D bm em A
Chorus: bm A E

Open up
An let me in
Don't worry
About the perceived sin
No one
Needs to know
Come with me
We'll take it slow

I have such great things to share
We'll run off without a care
Come with me
I'll show you what it means to be free

Going to be alright
Not everything
Has to be black and white
You see me
I feel you
We'll run off
And start anew

I have such great things to share
We'll run off without a care
Come with me
I'll show you what it means to be free

Break the chains
That hold you down
You weren't meant
To be kicked around
Stand up
And fight
For what you think
Is right

I have such great things to share
We'll run off without a care
Come with me
I'll show you what it means to be free

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This is great, it sounds like so much more than just one guitar. Lovely vocal. The lyrics are very thoughtful and have an inspirational feeling about breaking free.

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Beautiful beat and melody to this. Nice folky mood to it. Creates a great atmospheric song. Makes me want to run off and be free too.

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Really nice song - I like atmospheric music and vocal. Sounds like a great plan to run off into the woods with them! Smile

Zeekle's picture

Melancholic - sounds big for what you used. Vocals really pour out the emotion of the lyrics - very nice

cindyrella's picture

How'd you do this so fast? Break those chains! Won work!

coolparadiso's picture

Yes it is a very full sound! We all seem to be influenced by our lack of freedom. Nicely done.

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Such a rich and lovely sound. Absolutely amazing work for a skirmish. And a really cool take on the topic!

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Very beautiful song. Listened twice. Hard to say anything apart from that I absolutely love it. Words fail to express how much I love it!

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seconding Nadia with this one! but I'll try to find some words on second listen

that's a great tone! vocally and that guitar! wow! that's a gem of a strat(surely some pickup upgrades at least? if not, even more wow I've probably played 50 in a sitting and still not been able to find one with that much of a tonal range without a whole mess of extra curriculars) a ship crashing joyously into the rocks siren song right here Biggrin (or being led off into the woods in this case)

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This is a really fantastic take on the skirmish! While inspired by the devil it seems it could be a conversation with the risk taker in all of us. It feels inspiring and empowering to break free from the norms and constraints that hold us back. Your music is absolutely beautiful on this!

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Very good original idea for the prompt. The mysteriousness of the music adds to the mood of the lyric, and the reverb also helps intensify that. Great singing.

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That is an amazing guitar sound - I was hooked right away. And your sultry, inviting and sorta dangerous vocal is so, so good and so right for this song. Wow!

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Black Phillip is TERRIFYING in that movie, and you actually manage to convey some of his dark-eyed beguilement through this song via the words, the soft playing/singing and the deep reverbs. Really nice melody on this one too.

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One thing about pandemics, you get a lot of time to have conversations with the devil.

I love the delay setting you've got on that guitar--it has a very rhythmic, percussive thing to it that keeps the song driving. Lovely singing of lovely lyrics. This was a "skirmish"--are you sure you DIDN'T get the devil's help a little on this?

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I loved that movie! This is nice and dreamy ... the restrained vocals sound really great against the rhythmic strumming. Knowing it was inspired by the movie, all the advice has an ominous tone ... what WILL happen when the listener runs off with Black Phillip? Nothing good, for sure!