Wanna Feel Your Love

Wanna Feel Your Love

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Liner Notes: 

Trying some new features from Logic Pro X 10.5 to combine EDM with vocals - harmonizing my voice with melodic samples authorized for personal use. Lyrics are not mine and I'm not sure I translated them entirely as intended.


Don't need to question
Don’t need to know why
Don’t need to tell you
what’s going on my mind
You got me falling
so deep in love
I hit the ground
I just can’t get up

You lit me up lift me up
You lift me up lift me up
Wanna feel your love
Wanna know your touch
Wanna feel your love
Always always

You’ve got me thinking
In a different way
And every moment
I treasure every day
You’re my blessing
you take the pain away
I know it’s sometimes
I call upon your name

Wanna feel your
Wanna feel your
Wanna feel your love
Wanna know your touch
Wanna feel your love
Always always

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Good beat, nice vocal work. Nearly got me up and dancing (and I am not a dancer).

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That bass coming in at 1.00 was welcome. Leaving out the beat for a while did really work as well. Yeah, it's got that 80s vibe that Iike so much when I'm away from home and I hear some classic from those days.

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DOpe beat. Love the filter drops. 1, 2 punch!

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I like the feel of this. I'm also enamored with your vocals. It works perfectly with the overall production. The production is spot on and is really tasty in the Bose headphones. Aces, my friend.

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[Shaking my head...in a good way] Every time I hear one of the EDM songs this year, I get more irritated with myself that I haven't learned how to do it--because I love hearing it so much. That will be my post-50/90 project--hitting YouTube for some tutorials on how to do this stuff.

This is just great! Love the drops, the use of filters--all of the stuff I don't really know how to do. You are inspiring!

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you've given my headphones quite a workout with these 3 of yours and you and bills collab I've listened to tonight Smile

vocal delivery is amazing! more please! hahahah that washy whatever coming in about 3:30 and same thing? at the ending with the fading pan of.......magnificent!

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Nice Clicky Kick, noise sweeps, effective use of sidechain, Vocals belted out into the next area code. nice work, this one feels very cohesive, your best in the bunch (IMHO) so far. Keep going,

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The vocals - including the melody, fx, and mix - remind me of 90s dance tracks from people like CeCe Peniston, Crystal Waters, etc.
I like how you did your own vocals with the vocal sample - it works.
This track has texture and to it - its soft due to the mix, but at the same time kinda bright...or has little sparks of electricity. I feel that's due to the vocal sample with the high register, but then your softer warmer vocals under it - the vocal is the electricity, yours is like the soft blanket. Lol...me and my analogies.
I like that the music isn't so in your face - it lets your vocal and the sample shine.