Sherman Terrace Memories

Sherman Terrace Memories

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Liner Notes: 

A lesson on love from 30+ years ago that I will never forget and that I grew from... interestingly the person the song is about came back to visit a few years ago and contacted me.... she, with her husband and children have visited us a few times since then... our families have a lot in common and it has been great reconnecting - they were supposed to come again this month but due to COVID they are not traveling and we aren’t having any company. Life and love are never dull. And the guy still lives in Madison - but I have not seen him since those days long ago. He was a nice man and clearly more open than I was.


I rode me bike
west to east
warm sun on my back
for our first date
at you place
I was glad you asked

three floor walk up
to your door
at Sherman Terrace
Jim let me in
as you dressed
your cats amused us

I should have known
I should have guessed
I should have caught on
but I didn’t figure you out
until later when
you were gone

Jim cooked dinner
we drank wine
went for a long walk
as the moon rose
we held hands
and laughed as we talked

at the beach at
Tenney Park
on a clothes free swim
in the water
we kissed deep
and love flowed right in

I should have known
I should have guessed
I should have caught on
but I didn’t figure you out
until later when
you were gone

months later when I cat sat
when you and Jim were both away
I realized that you and Jim
were more than close roommates
the cats you said always slept with you
only slept in Jim’s bedroom
your glasses and those books you loved
were on his nightstand too

right then I knew
right then I guessed
right then I caught on
yeah I had figured you out
when you came back
I was gone

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The twisty steps of understanding in love-- yeah, nailed it with that chorus. I like this tale all the more, for ti's sparky details (the cats amused us, books you loved...)

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Those lessons are the hardest to learn, but oh boy, don't they stay with us? The last chorus brings understanding and the right decision made, but I recognise that "what if" hanging in the liner notes. It's a question I've asked myself more than once over the years looking back on similar situations... Great writing!

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Ha! such a heartfelt love story, sound like your Moby Dick!