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Liner Notes: 

Getting back to my vocal sample stuff. I haven't chopped up in a bit, and wanted to see if doing it was still fun for me.
I went sample shopping the other day, and remember I had one that mentioned coffee. So just built everything around the little snipped of the coffee sample.
Choppy chop chop with various vocals, drum programming (didn't feel like programming any variations), and decided to do a couple verses with my synthvox, too.
I dunno. This is the kind of silly stuff I like to make, and here's hoping it can make everything else fun for me again.
This too shall pass...with coffee.


Black stuff that goes down good
Drink it down like you know you should
Just one sugar and a couple creams
Piping hot like a dirty dream

Styrofoam or your favorite mug
Its a creamy, tasty hug
Cozy kitchen or a local biz
Coffee coffee is where it is!

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This is super cool! Great groove, and the vocal samples are both gritty and gently atmospheric. Love it.

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those vocal samples fit sp well with the bass and drums. i can feel the back and forth motion throughout my body. love the way you keep adding layers oto the strong rhythmic foundation. it might be silly when you think about it, but it doesnt feel silly when you are in the groove.

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Lots of fun. I like the sexy voice sample followed by the not-so-sexy "I need"

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yup mate! excellent mate, lovely on the phones! good samples. thumbs up!

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I was listening to another good song on Soundcloud and this came on right as my finger was closing that tab. I was devastated! I tracked this down with no help from the tag cloud. Love it. A plethora of voices in caffeinated chorus.

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This is incredibly fun (and so good in headphones)! Excellent use of samples. Had me bopping on a Sunday morning (with coffee in hand, of course).

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This simply made me happy. I really love how the vocal samples all jigsaw fit into the groove. "I need a tune of latte ____ today," or whatever she's saying, is so groovy.

"Piping hot like a dirty dream." !!!!!! Hot Hot HOt

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So MUCH FUN!!! This popped up at the end of another 50/90 song on the cloud of sound. I was hooked about 10 seconds in. Great work!

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Back again, sipping a cup of coffee (actually). Smile

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This is great! One of my post 50/90 resolutions--when I've got more time on my hands--is to incorporate loops (maybe not samples so much) into my music. I've got a ton of Loop CDs that I bought long ago, and I never use them. This was inspiring!

Great job!

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Fun groove and fantastic relatable topic!! Oh, how I love my coffee!!! And coffee songs! The dirtier the dream the better! hahaha! I'm glad @MarkG told me about this one. Very the first sip of the best coffee first thing in the morning. Ahhhhh! Thank you for that!

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This is excellent! Fun groove, cool samples that blend really well with Marie Ork. Well done!

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This has a great groove to it and is really fun to listen to. It's playful and relatable! "It's a creamy, tasty hug" And listening to it just relieves any stress....with all the various elements you mixed in there. Great stuff!