Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

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Liner Notes: 

Last week I retuned my Fender concert acoustic bass to GCEA, creating a giant bass uke. I have been enjoying rediscovering my bass. I thought this was going to be a pensive vocal ballad, but noodly ukulele set the mood so nicely, I never added any words.



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Nice. Like fingerpicking a uke over any background style be it bass or rhythm.

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you dont need words when you can create and envelop the listener in such specific moods through music alone

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I'm sitting outside and this has a gentle vibe that fits right in with the breeze and sunshine. I like the movement of the uke...very positive feel. Nicely done!

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noodles. love 'em!
Really cool idea to retune the bass like that. I think that could and should become a new way to tune bass, why not? What about the low string, did you tune it higher like a uke, or lower like a bass?

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Lower, like a bass... and like a low G uke. Wink

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What a cool idea, and then so well-executed. I dig the nostalgia vibe, too.
Super cool bass sound - it's an instrument I'd like to take up one of these days.

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A very interesting combination of instrumentation that works very well indeed....

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Cool tremolo, bass, lead uke. Interesting bass tuning. Nice combination!