3 Mermaids

3 Mermaids

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Liner Notes: 

I had to make a back track for the song My Aunt Came Back for work, and since it's such a simple song, I decided to use that backtrack as the basis of a new echo song about teamwork or whatever.


It's sad but true
The story I will tell to you
About the mermaids three
And the ship upon the sea

They sailed far
Guided by a distant star
To oceans never yet explored
That's when they all went overboard

The first mermaid crooned
She sand an old hypnotic tune
Drawn to that sound
That's when the sailors ran aground

The second mermaid basked
Her grace and beauty unsurpassed
Lying on the sunny sand
The sailors all raced to the land

They swan for shore
But they would see the land no more
The sailors all got quite upset
When they were caught up in a net

It was the third mermaid
She pulled them under where they stayed
Until she cooked them in a stew
For her mermaid sisters two

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That, uh, was a pretty dark story for such a sunny sounding tune and arrangement. No Disney mermaids, these! Great arrangement.

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This is so well written and so cute. i love the repeated lines by the chorus. and te piano is so playful.

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You do this style so well, especially with the big twist, nice one. Ooo and yeh. Trumpet!

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Such a great "childrens song" melody. Such a happy tune, I had to laugh at how the lyric unfolded, a bit ironic I'd say! Nice trumpet playing too, good solo and the backing lines too.

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Quite dark for a children's story. But has the perfect jolly feel to attract children. Story has definite potential in Hollywood... Cannibal mermaids

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In my experience with folk music, mermaids are interested in sailors for only two reasons... sex or dinner... and it's kind of a 50/50 crapshoot what you're going to get in any given song.