Miss O'Jenny Blues

Miss O'Jenny Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Hope this works! I'm trying to use humour to make a serious point - never an easy task. I love blues very much but I find that more and more I can't listen to the outright misogyny in the lyrics. So many bluesmen were supported and loved by the women in their lives and so many of them abused these women and yet this doesn't appear in the words of the songs. A lot of this is in the past but it's troubling that people are writing lyrics like this today. This is a tongue in cheek blues song. I used an affluent English person's accent for the spoken words to be a contrast with the blues verse. I really don't speak like that at all! I was thinking about Martin Mull's 'I woke up this morning' song as a template for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBWrIrYWUoE


Excuse me darling but could you keep the children from squabbling for a moment?
I’m about to record some music.
Thank you, you’re a perfect angel

You’re a mean mean woman and you know you treat me so wrong
Such a mean old woman and you know you treat me wrong
If it wasn’t for your money, I’d be long gone

Thanks darling I’m finished now. It was a blues song.
Quite authentic I think
By the way I notice we’ve run out of olives, could you be a gem and pop out and buy some more?

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Funny blues-it's gotta be good! Great piano and love the talking. Love it!

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when put this on, the spoken word intro made my wif the other word answe, okay honey. its something i am always saying to her as my recording is interrupted. openug and closing with the british accent was inspired. almost a parody of the white british blues artists who speak like that and then sing in the style of an 20th century african american.

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HA! I love this especially as a woman and big blues fan.

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@Roddy I believe you do talk like that. I always suspected it!
Sparkling piano work though. It's a fun listen and makes its serious point well.

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I just want more of you singing and playing this kind of blues. Piano was rocking

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Yup this meets all your goals, funny entertaining and pointed. Really good

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How fun - love it!

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That is some nifty old time rock and roll/boogie woogie piano! A delightful slice-of-life song.