Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten

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Liner Notes: 

T.C.: Music sent to Amanda. Got this wonderfully jagged beauty back.


Lace is beautiful
Because of what’s not there
Intricate details in the void
Light peeking

And when you left me
You left lace everywhere
But there’s no beauty anymore
Ragged veil

Oh I’m torn in two

Together we were
Both holy and condemned
Clothes thrown all over the floor
Soft whispers

You were wholly mine
And I was whole in you
Everywhere and nowhere
Time stood still

Don’t know what to do

So I wrap this thin blanket around me
Somehow try to cover the abyss
Let the dark and cold overtake me
Invade my bloodshot eyes

Longingly gazing at the void
I stand on this precipice alone
I know you wanted to stay with me
But it was right you left

You will never be forgotten
And I will never be the same

I never realized
Just how fragile I was
Hanging on by just a string
Threadbare veins

Have no idea
How to live without you
Your mother’s shawl is that’s left
Frayed prayer

How can this be true

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This is fantastic! What a wonderful song. You were holding on and I was holding you... such a brilliant line! I love the flow of this wonderful music and the flow. Guitar and vocals are perfect together. Love the harmonies.

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I am listening to this on repeat for about the 6th time and it gives me chills EVERY SINGLE LISTEN!
So powerful. This is healing right here. You two work together in such amazing ways. This is my all time favorite!!!

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Man, this is great. The TC backing track is really full and complete, nice dynamics.

But for me the contrasts in the fabrics really make it interesing -- the lace with voids, the clothes on the floor, the blanket wrapped around, gaps now threadbare, not lace. And hanging by a string. Threadbare. Mom's shawl. A frayed prayer. Lots to like.

Really nicely done.

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This melancholic alt-rock sound is great, and I just love the lyrics! The opening lines drew me in right away and the ragged lace metaphor in general is so affecting and beautifully done. I also really like the second verse (Together we were/both holy and condemned).