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Liner Notes: 

I think I've hit the wall.
My worst output in the three years I've done 50/90.
Got a collab that I'm struggling with. Hate everything I make lately.
Feels like i've lost all my creativity, all my groove.
I sit down to make music and its just nothing but frustration.
I know we all go through it.
Per the advice of Mr @cts, i'm just gonna keep trying to create until I bust through this wall.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is very different, much more understated! Glad you are back on the horse! I guess everyone had their own way, i force myself to break through! I know some take a break. Good to see you with a nice tune!

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Same, dewd. I love how 50/90 stays away from the pageantry and encourages each other to just do what they do, anyways. I'd say just keep posting but admittedly, I haven't posted everything I've worked on because of shying from my own ideas of what's "good" and what's not. I'm still learning about this. There's an interesting book on the subject -

I dig everything you do, anyways. The strings are compelling, the rhythmic bass does a nice harmony, there's a lot to like. It's whole, warm, broad, and a little whimsical. You do stuff like that naturally, it seems. Glad you're back. Much love.

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That's why I like 50/90; you can take some time off until you feel like getting in to it again.
I like this a lot.
That bass line adds a sinister edge to this tune.
Great piano line wandering around on top there.
Yeah, nice work.

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You just have to keep going. Sit down at your workspace and hope the creative guy shows up. He';;

He had a hand in this one, for sure. I'm loving the juxtaposition of the metallic percussion and those luscious analog synth pads. The piano is the highlight, though. Or wait, is it the switch at 2:40? This is positively symphonic - gorgeous!

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Wow! This has a huge, clear and warm sound. The piano is really good, sensitive, musical and jazzy. It becomes really romantic at the end of the piece.