Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

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Liner Notes: 

A 10x10 compilation, featuring actual entries from my diary, age 7(ish). Faithfully transcribed below.


I went to the zoo today
it was real fun
because I got to go
to the rainforest
and I got to feed the seals

We have got new kittens
but not today
we got them in 1994

i have got barbis
tons and tons of them
i have got three
boxes of barbis

I like trees
I do not like peopole
that cut down trees very much
unless they do it
for a good reason

There was a big pinecone
that my friend found

Mickey is bad sometimes
he throws things in the street
and sometimes he picks apples
from our tree
when there small
and not ripe

i have a canopy bed
and from jumping on it to much
it is kinda broken
but I can still sleep in it

Mommy called the police
and one of the policmen came
and he shot the raccoon
it took the policman about
three or four shots
to kill the racoon

The policman did not
take the raccoon away
he just left it there
and we had to burie it
in the woods

sussanah said
that I am a bad singer
and she hurt my feelings badly

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Trees are the best. Standing trees make all of my favorite sounds. Nice Joyce reference; you nailed the realism. Sussanah was obviously jealous.

edit: banjo!

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These lyrics are gold! I especially like the trees and the bed story.

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This is brilliant. Laughed out loud at the pinecone. Beautiful work.

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Utterly, utterly charming. Loving the excerpts you've chosen and I think the settings you've brought to each of them work really well. I hope Mickey and Sussanah got their just desserts in life, and feel sorry for the raccoon.

Srs face though - many of these made me want want more and I'd love to hear them expanded to full songs.

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This is STELLAR. What a great idea to go back to when you were 7! Funny how our interests and priorities change...

Uke, guitar, banjo... just wonderful and fun instrumentation, too.

Also, the title (echoes of Joyce!) would have had me listening regardless.

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I like the varied delivery and mood of each section. Cute and well done. Smile Love this idea to use diary snippets!

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these snapshots of childhood are invaluable....this is much greater than the sum of its parts. the broad musical pallette extends the scope of the fresco.

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This is utterly fabulous.
Your titles especially made me laugh.
You really get full little stories told in ten seconds.
Genius idea to use your childhood diary entries.
Really nice vocal and instrumental performances.
Excellent work here.

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Oh I truly love these vignettes! You capture childhood innocence and priorities so well! Really brilliant! I especially enjoyed the kittens, pine cone, and canopy bed! Nostalgic goodness!!!

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This is very, very good indeed. So much variation and so much emotion and wit in the songs. Each one is great. The racoon songs are very impressive, they grab your attention and make you want to know more about what happened. Your vocals are excellent. I agree with the comment that you have captured childhood emotions. The words and the music all sound very authentic.

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This was such a joy to listen to! I would personally immediately burn any old childhood writings I stumbled across though, well before I even thought about reading them ........so glad you kept yours Smile

I assume Sussanah and Mickey are probably married now hahaha..........they could use their own story!

yeah the raccoon needed two exerpts!

really well done!

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Wow. So much here. STOP THE PRESSES grabbbed me, those floating guitar ringing strings were lovely.

And as far as cutting down trees, I want really, really good reasons.

And fuck Mickey.

The raccoon in 2 parts. 3-4 shots. Execution style. I bet the raccoon was unarmed. Today that would make the headlines.

Also fuck Susannah. She is mistaken and jealous.

Fun listen.

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This confirms the theory that sooner or later furniture and pets creep their way into a 10x10. 2 and 3 I liked most.

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Delightful! Love your inspiration to tap into this source material. This piece is so wonderfully enhanced by leaving the naive spelling in and inserting those wry, witty titles. A bonus dimension for sure.

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The distemper duo is my favorite. You captured all these childhood memories in a perfect little album.

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fantastic job of this challenge. 10 little gems here. totally charming. beautifully performed, love the sincerity of the entries and the wit of hindsight. top stuff

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My favorite 10x10 so far. It's great. And all the more so for the honesty in the diary entries. Distemper pt1 needs to be made into a full fledge song, I think. Well most of them could be, easily. At any rate, I enjoyed listening (as usual.)