Ten Little Electric Car Songs

Ten Little Electric Car Songs

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Liner Notes: 

My first 10x10 in a few years, maybe ever, I'm not sure. Instead of past efforts trying to do too much this time I went more minimal. Inspired by others, I have assembled my little lyric fragments and unused titles. Then mashed them upto meet the ten songs, ten seconds (or so) each (10x10) challenge. Each ten second song uses a different MIDI setting and were transitioned ala 'corpse stitching' and were individually improvised. The lyrics were written out but the timing and melody were also improvised.


Ten Little Electric Car Songs

1) One little, two little, three little electric cars, lined up in the driveway

2) I’m Zippy why do they resist?

3) Running silent, running silent

4) Uh oh here come the coal rollers, oh the coal rollers are chasing the Tesla’s

5) Riding my butt, riding my butt, riding my butt, riding my butt

6) They’ve got a decision, he lost his job, I’m on the bubble

7) 19 reasons to stay, 19 reasons to go

8) Used to sit on asphalt, Now I sit on concrete, In this new kinda range anxiety

9) Wondering about the humans decision, Wondering about the humans decision, Wondering about the humans decision

10) I get to stay, I get to stay, I get to stay

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Andy, these are great! Love the different instrumentation and vocal delivery. Well done!

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I like the flow of the music being similar yet not for each little segment, really gives it a nice cohesiveness, while still being pretty damn random hahah

actually sounds a lot like my driving tunes anytime I'm just making up nonsense singing along with whatever is playing hahah.......have learned to just do it mostly in my head when others are in the car with me, they're usually nervous enough hahah

was actually hoping to finish mine tonight, but got sidetracked.

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I'm loving these weird little snippets.
Like a stream-of-consciousness flow you get when you're driving your car.
Some really nice sounds going on here.
Excellent job for sure.

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Fun meditations on the electric car theme!

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Fun stuff! Some interesting takes on electric cars. I like how the instruments fade in and out, it has an ambience all it's own.

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Haha! This is great. Again--you're inspiring me to get some kids songs done before I finish. I got halfway there with my currently uploading song--kind of a Bieber-ish bubble gum thing.

I hope you expand these out into full songs sometime! Great work!

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A fine symphony of schizoid voices with a happy end? We'll never know I guess. Enjoyed the changing texture and melodies as well as the disjuncted humour.

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I like how your theme turned into a mosaic set of tiles telling a story. I especially enjoyed #6. And #10 was such a happy feeling, nice way to end it with those repeats.

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This is a nice, weird, tiny little suite. Well done.