Baby, Do You Want Me Tonight?

Baby, Do You Want Me Tonight?

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Liner Notes: 

I had this song idea and Craig graciously volunteered his vocal skills but neither of us were feeling it so I changed it up and started experimenting with vocal effects with a combination of samples and my own vocals. I would love to be able to do it well enough to have my own library of sample vocals using my voice.

Anyway, I might have gotten carried away with the reverb - lol - but it's time to move on to the next song.



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you have so much happening here and a solid beat to hold it all together. nothing slows down the groove. its like an after concert prince jam with new cool stuff popping out all over the place,

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This is a cool little number. I love the intro bit with the sort-of scratchy production, and then how you repeat it again from time to time, adding a groovy little bass line. And then halfway through, you start to mix everything together. Very enjoyable

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This is a great, fun dance tune. I like how everything builds as the song goes on, really nice job on this!

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I'd be the last person to ever say someone could go overboard with reverb! So nope.......absolutely not overboard hahaha
so much fun stuff going on here
really loving the organ line and the drum fills all held together great with that really nice bassline

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This has a great groove and makes me want to dance! Love that organ, and that bass is killer. The vocal samples are really cool and I like how they go from being occasional accents to rapid-fire as the piece goes on.

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Cool groove, nice layering of instruments. Sound like you had fun with the reverb. It's not overboard - you mix it up nicely between male and female voices and have breaks in between.