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Liner Notes: 

Also another project started before 50/90

During the Corona lockdown in april/may I sent over a weird little track made with the iOptigan app and some add bass overdubs and an awful old Technics synth
got back a lot of backwards swooshing things and a weird little spoken word track about an unusual theme

Dystychiphilia: Paraphilic sexuoeroticism linked to watching or participating in accidents; it is not used to working medical parlance.

I believe that it's a mostly improvised spoken word track, gotta love that demented and creative mind of his

Had planned to do some finer editing on it and finally remembered about it today while looking through some folders another track
stretched the track a bit in length and added some additional stuff, I want to swap the cheesy guitar solo with some saxophone when my sax player has some time again

Plan to include it on a mini album with mainly instrumental and "weird" tracks I'm working on in parallel with my second album

iOptigan app
Oslo Instrumentfabrikk Precision Bass
Yamaha SA50T electric guitar
Technics crapo synth (found it in the dumpster, it has 2 "nice" sounds the rest, just sounds bad in a boring uninspiring way)
Spitfire Audio BBC SO (horns)
Spitfire Audio Soft Piano

Fuzzy did a lot of filtering and backwards treatments of the original files

Mastered on my old Tascam 4 Track

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Great sound. I love Optigan, must use it again.

The story is great, combines rather well with the music. Weird all around, but interesting and enjoyable.

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Haven't heard too many pieces with a theme that could be described as Ballardian this summer, but this definitely fits the bill. And yet the final part of the story made me laugh!

This sounds to me like it could be the nugget of a dark, Goth reboot of Tubular Bells. With what sounds like Robert Fripp on guitar in the background. Do you think there'd be much demand for a twenty-minute extended remix of this, or is it just me?

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Really amazing track! wow.........great music for a great story/topic.........I feel like we're all just "Rubbernecking" watching the world burn......music really enhances that melancholy, really awesome collab you two!

I'm with HFO........nope 20 minutes sounds about the right length for something this epic Biggrin

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The dark mix of synths and other instruments are a great backdrop to Fuzzy's characteristically insane story. "I walked in front of trains and cars and even bicycles" will stick with me, as will the image of a man on a runway. Nice guitar fills!

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I love this, it's a solid piece that then turns experimental. The beautiful arrangement works very well as the backdrop to the darker feeling spoken word. Very nice job to both other you!

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Great backing track, perfect for an odd an well built weird story like this. It totally worked to wait a little longer before telling that final part of the story. It works together really well.

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This is inspirational. It's a whole lot of fun. Very enjoyable, and it makes me want to get weird in similar ways.

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I know about Symphorophilia but I didn't know Dystychiphilia. I can indeed see this as a track from a partly instrumental album (like the B-side of Bowie/Eno's Low).

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Totally love this, some heavy stuff for real and the music complements the story perfectly