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Liner Notes: 

a song about hearing weird noises at night and getting paranoid. anyone who lives in an old house can probably relate


The sound of a car door slamming out on the street
I wouldn’t have even noticed, but there was another sound simultaneously
It was sort of a loud banging sound downstairs
My first thought was “someone’s at the door”
my second thought “who cares”

I’m safe
inside my house
Am I safe
Inside my house?

My third thought struck me suddenly,
shattering my false sense of security.
What if someone’s breaking in, what if they try to kill me?
I have no way to defend myself, I’m a sitting duck, I’m doomed
All I can do is sit here cowering inside my room

Am I safe
Inside my house
Am I safe
Inside my house?
Is anyone safe?
We’re all just hiding out
No one’s safe
Everyone is hiding now,
hiding from something

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the mind plays amazing tricks - well captured. nicely done

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You've hit the sweet spot for me with those guitars. It all sounds so good. I love the progression of the lyric: first thought, second, third. Yeah, ain't that how it goes

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This has a sound that takes me back to when I first started listening indie/alt.
Cool lyrics with a unique subject matter, and something I can totally relate to. I've always been sort of a scaredy-cat when it comes to house noises.
Dig the crunch of the guitars at the crescendos.
Great concept.