Now It's Time

Now It's Time

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Liner Notes: 

I came up with a guitar riff-ish thing first, which is not how I usually do things. Fleshed out the music, then wrote lyrics. I usually do lyrics first.

So the lyric may be un- or differently-focused than the usual thing I do. For the chorus, I played the chords over and over, mouthing syllables and sounds until words started forming. Then I used them for the chorus.


we tried so hard
tried so hard to wait
we said we'll do
we'll do what it takes
they say fools rush in
and that is trun
fools rush in
from the time we begin

Now it's time, now it's time
I got nothing to prove
Now it's time, now it's time
got nothing to lose
Now it's time, now it's time
it's time to move
all I got is a question for you

darkness falls
darkness falls again
we sit in judgement
oh we condemn
oh we know we're right
we double down tonight
but we all have to look in the mirror
in the end

so now the time has come
our time is here
hold my hand
let's silence the fear
all we want
is to have our say
but so many obstacles
in the way

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love the easy laid back feel of this, really enjoyable listening to the interplay between the bass and guitars, lovely vocals and overall sound. interesting to read the liner notes too. nice one!

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lovel;y laid back feel beautifully balanced in the phones! nice lyric and strong vocal performance. the little guitar flicks are really nice

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The stars of this song are the contrasting guitar parts. That riff on acoustic is delicious. The reverby, jangly sedate electric guitar colours the atmosphere for the whole song. Thematically it is solid. The Vox and harmonies are spot on.

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Sold right from that first burst of tremelo guitar. This sounds like it ought to have appeared on a Don Henley solo album; the harmony vocals and the changes at the end of the chorus really have a bit of an Eagles vibe. I particularly like the fact that there aren't any drums on this - the shaker and taps on the guitar are all that was needed.

That method of coming up with lyrics is something I've meant to try, but I've yet to get around to it. It's clearly working well for you! I know that it's used by Peter Gabriel (and I've seen him perform a song that was still at the "incoherent syllables" stage. He admitted that his partner had advised him not to sing it in that state "because they'll all think you're drunk.")

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This has such a great mood to it - the music colors the "now it's time" as just ripe and natural. I like the guitar bends, the bass answering, and those harmonies.
Sounds like a successful method for getting a chorus. It works so well on the sound level as well as the meaning level.
I wonder about the subject of the verses - at the beginning and end I default to thinking they're about a love relationship, but the second verse and the end of the third verse seem to me like they're about wider social issues.

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Good chill song... I've written songs like this before when I normally write lyrics first, and I also find that I write different kinds of lyrics than usual. I feel like when I write lyrics first they are stronger, or at least more meaningful and original, but it can be fun to write music first and improve musicianship too.

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It's always interesting to know what stratagems songwriters use to compose. This easy-listening Americana style you have for this particular song is perfect. Intelligent panning of instruments as not to compete with each other really lets the song breathe. It's nice to hear the bass used in a more melodic way rather than just as part of the rhythm section. The vocals are hitting a nice sweet-spot especially the harmonies. Enjoyed the listen.

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I really love the vocal harmony in the chorus, and the percussions. In my opinion, the percussions really make this song soothing. I could listen to it while laying on the ground looking at the sky. It's that chill.
Also it reminds me of some skate video parts with chill songs and it can definitely work within that context Smile

Very nice song

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This has a wonderful easy timeless quality to it. Love the contrast in the chorus.