Ten by Ten (Ten for One Deal on Unfinished Songs)

Ten by Ten (Ten for One Deal on Unfinished Songs)

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Liner Notes: 

I always mean to do the weekly challenges but they've stumped me; until now. I had about 8 unfinished song sketches with no vocals (all fair game, I started them after 7/4/20) so I wrote all the lyrics and finished them in one sitting with pretty strange results.

1. Introduce Yourself - True story. I loathed the nickname at first, causing my friends to drop my given name and use only my nickname.

2. Furniture

3. Z - Anyone remember the video of a slowed down rap song by Mary Kate and Ashley called Gimme Pizza that blew up YouTube in 2010?

4. Fire

5. Oblique (Mine was "give way to your worst impulse")

6. Flowers - Except for my voice, song 6 was made entirely of the Wilhelm scream, tweaked and filtered to sound like synth and a drum machine.

7. Style Swap - Her Majesty, the hidden track at the end of Abbey Road, if it was about a chess piece. So, Weird Al?

8. Communication Medium

9. This was the first thing I demo’d for Sex Sells, a collab with the amazing @kahlo2013

10. Biggrin

edit: found it - https://youtu.be/CJEoASUMZbI

putt itt onn the pizzza

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this was absolutely amazing, loved the knob turn static between each one! Made me laugh about a scenario where someone is pissed off about some artist being on every station no matter the genre and frantically turning knobs.......see, see, even on the damn classic rock channel with a new tune! with number 7 that was probably my favorite, but all great little snippets
and the declarations in 9/10 bits hahah

really cool use of the scream in flowers one!

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this sounds like the snippets of hits from a radio advertisement for a rock concert,

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What a great idea to round up these odds and ends and use them as fodder for the weekly challenges! Well executed, too. I know what you mean about leather furniture "not" being a scratching post. I had to go listen again to hear how #6 sounded. Forty-nine songs is the cure?

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This is PHENOMENAL! I’m so glad you did this! They are so much fun and sound wonderful!!!! I love them all. Really creative and so well done.

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Hooray for 10x10!! This was so much fun to listen to -- you totally nailed it.

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What a sonic trip! Cool idea to wrap all the weekly challenges in too, maybe a September thing for me. I'm gonna borrow the song fragments idea too. Could always revisit later.

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That's a great way to use the 10 by 10 challenge, 10 challenges in one. I am fondest of 1, 2, and her majesty..

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Really good mix of songs. Lots of different genres and all of the songs are good.

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Haha, excellent work! They actually blend together surprisingly well. Pretty sure I had the VHS of that original Mary Kate and Ashley special back in the day . . .

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Wonderfully eclectic but still quite cohesive at the same time, I really liked the Wilhelm Scream treatments on 6, but 1,7 & 9 were also great

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Oh yeah, so great!!
Each one is a fully produced mini song in its own right.
You have some real winners here.
As others have said, the radio static between them was quite imaginative.
Excellent work.

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Yeah, the radio dial makes for a logical and smooth transition for this standuppish show. Great trip all around!

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The way you worked 10 challenges into your 10x10 is just freaking ridiculous! Like a final scrabble play that uses the Z on triple letter inside a double word, while simultaneously working horizontally and vertically into all the adjacent words. All very entertaining, too!

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What a brilliant concept! I had a few songs on an album called 100 X 30 where all the tracks were 30 secs approx...you've taken it to another level and it all works so well with the turn of the dial...really impressed!

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Bravo. Very clever - and very well done. Each little tidbit was enjoyable