8AM Rain

8AM Rain

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Liner Notes: 

Lost and found. From 2 weeks ago. I guess life got in the way of posting this one. What can I say? Quiet and chill, nothing special. I don't even remember the rain!



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Quiet and chill work for me. Very nice. Relaxing.

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thats another thing we have in common. we write so much that we dont remember what we have written. or maybe we are just gettng old. i used to know my songs by heart by the time i finished writing them. now i have hundreds of songs i dont even remember writing. i always enjoy listening to your work, whether or not i have anything worthwhile to say. all i have to mentiion here is your subtle and lovely use of the strings, which enchance, rather than muck up, the piano part.

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Pretty and relaxing music. Lovely writing here, Tim.

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It makes me feel the promise of morning, the coziness but also the melancholy of rain.
There's longing.
Some hope.
Beautiful piano.

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Just sat back and closed my eyes and let this wash over me. Lovely.

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And relax.

(Breathes out)

Ahhhh. Just what I needed after a highly stressful morning negotiating the regional supermall for a long-overdue eye test. This is a beautiful, tranquil tone poem. The mellow piano realy works well for this, as does the loop on the (strings?) I wish we had some gentle, soothing rain here at the moment but ours has been going sideways at forty to fifty knots, which is very much NOT part of a traditional English summer.

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The piano is the landscape, the strings are the rain falling upon it. Or something like that! A lovely piece that makes me think wistfully of a spring or autumn rain in Ohio, where I lived for 35 years.