Not Perfect

Not Perfect

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Liner Notes: 

Wacha - Liz asked if I'd be interested in working on a 10x10 with her. I have seen these before but never considered doing on but this was a lot of fun. Liz wrote 5 short sets of lyrics and sent them to me to play and I sent her 5 of mine for her to do. I'm glad she asked me to do this, it was a lot of fun.

Liz - I was delighted that Catherine was willing to do a 10 x 10 with me! I love the chance to put someone else’s words to music and like these short songs as little slices of thoughts or life to reflect on. It is always so humbling to do something like this with a musician and it helps me jump out of my comfort zone and try. Thanks, Catherine for suggesting the theme of not being perfect for stitching this together!


1. Heart of Gold
Opinionated and mouthy
With a heart of gold
I'll take in advice
But seldom do as I'm told

2. I Should
I should dance more
I should worry less
I should laugh a lot
I confess

3. Enemy of Good
The enemy of good
Makes you look a fool
Impossible to attain
A goal so cruel

4. Why Don't You love Me?
your pants are too tight
your shirt is kind of ugly
I think you need a hair cut
oh why don’t you love me?

5. Not Perfect
I don't need to be perfect
Not aiming for one
I'm doing my best
And trying to have some fun

6. Nails
every time I bite my nails
I think that I should stop
but, alas, I never do
I do not

7. Our House
The walls need some paint
And the grass is overgrown
But this he best house
We've ever known

8. Nothing Perfect
I scream at the cat
I swear at my spouse
nothing perfect
comes out of my mouth

9. Progress
Deterrent of progress
A breeding ground for fear
Feeling forever distant
Even when it's near

10. Do I...
does my breath smell bad?
do I have body odor?
have I lost my touch?
do I obsess too much?

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love the contrasting voices and styles. big fun listening to you two trading off bits. but it all goes by so fast. i could easily listen to aother ten. and then anther ten.

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This is another really great one of these! agreeing with bill could of used 20-30 more hahaha So take that advice! and tell me to stuff it wherever hahaha

Liz you're liner note cracked me up......... trying is pretty far out of my comfort zone too! Biggrin

these are all little gems, really nicely done! better second time around Wink

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No 8. My fav! Yeah hoe, we definitely need more of these. On to me soon! Thanke, ladies!

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So much ground covered in such a short time. 8 and 8 are my favs. I live that you did this as a collab in two voices (vocal and lyrical)

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Wow! This is the first one of these I've heard. I did hear a "multiple stitched" one a week or so ago--but I like the one-on-one thing better, because they fit better, in my opinion.

Nice, nice job on this!

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Fun and you guys weave together so well in all ways!

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Really great 10x10.
And a theme, too!
There are some hilarious bits here.
Well done!

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Such succinct mini portraits! The meaning is not so mini, though. Great job on collaborating, and way to stretch that CZ, Liz!!

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A great theme for a 10x10. I can tell how much fun this must have been to collaborate on, and I particularly liked number 4!