An Honest Self-Portrait

An Honest Self-Portrait

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish - prompt: "Self-Portrait" - had the song in an hour, took 20 extra minutes to finish the demo, guitar recorded a bit hot, but no time to fix.


It can be hard at times
To be a human being
Many hills to climb
With journeys abruptly ended

Learning to cede control
Allow each one their own path
Anger will take its toll
So we must learn forgiveness

Make an Honest Self-Portrait of yourself
Take stock of the the good and the bad
And then work to live better
To be the best you can
And leave any regrets up on the shelf

Then when we reach the end
We look back at the hard work
Were we an honest friend
When the road turned slightly bumpy

We can move on in peace
Knowing life wasn't easy
Hoping we helped increase
Humanity's big bubble

Make an Honest Self-Portrait of yourself
Take stock of the the good and the bad
And then work to live better
To be the best you can
And leave any regrets up on the shelf

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excellent! quite accomplished for a skirmish, too- the chorus in particular really stands out, and the whole thing, performance and production included, is nicely done

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Wow such a complete song in such a short time. The harmonies are really good. Very creative and compassionate lyrics.

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Love the chorus here, it comes on strong, has a great shape, and the harmony gives it a lot of depth.

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How did you do this so fast? Great advice and skirmish!

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The chorus is is strong - I love the last line of the chorus and your musical delivery of it. The verses paint a realistic picture of what it is to be human and are very relatable. The melody flows beautifully and as alway your vocals are spot on! Great response to the skirmish!

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I really like this one. Very very good for a skirmish. I think its a keeper! Interesting the song is mostly free form! With the odd AXAX rhymes late on!

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I really dig the phrasing and call-and-answer melodies of the lines in the verses. I love how the long notes highlight important words.
Beautiful harmonies and guitar. As always, amazed by the speed at which you do great production of demos!

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Fantastic song! 1 hour 20 minutes! That is really fast for a whole song and so well created. Beautiful singing and playing. Love the title too.

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Very nice. The vocals sound fantastic and really brings the lyrics to life. Great work for a skirmish.

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Really nice perspective on the prompt, and I love the harmonies. Amazing for being done in such a short time!

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I like the lyrical idea of a self-portrait as part of a much bigger landscape. The music is beautiful!

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This is amazing! An hour? How??!!! Really wonderfully perfect lyrics and music complements them so well.

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This one has a wonderful, warm live feel - like I'm hearing it in a small club. (It's been years since I've been in a place like that, so I'm getting a nice nostalgia glow, too.)
You and your one-man band sound awesome!

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What's a positive and affirming message. The Rock Hawk really delivers it home. You might want to look at a self portrait of yourself - it comes across redundant. Update: darned autocorrect and voice type. That was supposed to be rock-pop, but Rock Hawk is pretty cool too.

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Great message in a very catchy musical package. The chorus is staying with me. Well done!!