Fifty Miles of Seawalls

Fifty Miles of Seawalls

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Liner Notes: 

MikeHex: My first ever FAWM collaboration! Andy gave me lyrics based on this article: I made some alterations, ending up a bit less optimistic than the original

The thing about Boston is that it's largely built on landfill. In the context of climate change and rising sea levels, it's hard not to see the ocean as an adversary with whom we picked the fight, but who is far more powerful than we realized or are prepared for.

Instrumentation: One drum machine, two telecasters, one vocal. Yep, the swirling synth-y thing is a tele with the attack filtered out

AndyGetch: Sustainability is one of my passions. While I mainly have written sones about driving electric cars (I have three) and some about using solar panels (we have rooftop solar) as two ways to reduce my personal footprint, there are so many aspects to it. I 'met' MikeHex at FAWMSTOCK. In one of the discussion sessions he mentioned a desire to collaborate. In one of other songs he mentioned sea level rise concerns where he lives (Boston). I did a few minutes of online research about the Boston area and sent him a first draft lyric which he added edited to add more local knowledge and then he put it to music. Tis an honor to collaborate on such an important subject and MikeHex did a fabulous job with finishing this one!


Fifty miles of seawalls that won’t be enough
To hold back the rising tide
The water, dark and raging, the coast is broken up

Millions of tons to take this ground
Supporting the town as it’s grown
But crumbling concrete can’t keep it down
The ocean will reclaim its own

Fifty miles of seawalls propping up the land
We know that time is running out, what options come to hand?

Restoring beaches, rebuilding dunes, while temperatures and levels rise
A band-aid on a mortal wound How long before we realize that
Not just the fury of the storms, the tidal floods, the odd attack
We’re returning to an older form, the maelstrom’s come to take the land back

Fifty miles of seawalls, beaten and breaking down
On which are riding all our hope, the future of our town
Fifty miles of seawalls, half buried in the sand
A fitting testament to the thoughtlessness and the arrogance of man

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Pretty good. I like the dire warning that to me the music induces in addition to the words. Words hit at one of many challenges ahead, Great title too.

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Nice, palatable arrangement for such a seriously dark subject. I love the drum machine beat and dreamy feel to the synths. The repetition of "Fifty miles of seawalls" is very effective. This is a great collaboration!

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Cool, I'm getting a Pet Shop Boys vibe.

The sea wind picking me up and blowing me around like that swirly pad sound. Time to relax and just go with the flow. Either that or build those walls, eh? I think there's still room at the mountains. Just get a twelve gauge and a mountain top and you'll be fine.