Just A Call Away - week 8 challenge

Just A Call Away - week 8 challenge

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Liner Notes: 

Saw the weekly challenge and remembered a song I did ages ago using some dial-up modem samples.
Found it and stripped everything away but the samples.
Manipulated them differently.
Different drums and programming; went 808.
Redid the vocal melodies with the synthvox.
Spent a lot of time deciding what kind of accomp I wanted for the vocals, and went for very simple and kinda sparse but big sounds.
Added in some other little samples like the "hello", which I put some fx on, and the other dude saying to call on him for anything.
The feeling when I made this back then was I'm here for you whenever you need me...but whenever I need YOU, I gotta think about the past...when you USED to be there for me.
Looking back, I was just naive.


Just a call away.

If ever you need me, I'm just a call away.
Whenever I need you, I'll think about yesterday.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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some really nice samples, love the piano bits, like the quality in the drum! good concept. good listen this!

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I really like this, the musical sound mixtures including the beat, piano and vocals. Static at the end is great too.

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Love the instrumental, the dial sounds are really cool and fit in this beat so well. The robot singing is great here also, excellent use of samples. I like all that gets added as it goes on, keeps things interesting. I really enjoyed this song! The piano at the end is a great touch.

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Sounds classically futuristic, especially with the phone and modem samples. But since these sounds are now somewhat dated, the effect is rather nostalgic. The vocal floating over top is great, as is the piano toward the end. Really enjoyed the listen!

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Downloaded this one. It's exactly the sort of furiously inventive piece that I consider a highlight of Fifty/Ninety. It's quirky, and funny, and unusual, and not like anything you'll hear on the radio. That synth voice sounds much more convincing than most of the vocaloid packages I've heard. For sure, it's still deep in the Uncanny Valley, but in a good way.

And ahhh, the joys of Dual Tone Multi Frequency signalling (a.k.a. touch-tone dialling); I used to work for a phone company and the way DTMF works is musically kinda interesting. The modem handshakes, likewise (I have graphs. Maybe some other time?) Those little modem chirps work incredibly well as a rhythmic element.

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This gave me more sad yet happier times flashbacks of not able to make phone calls anymore playing each other songs with the beeps and boops of the "ancient" touch tone technology hahah Smile
Those and the modem connects weave into this so nicely! I actually miss that modem sound Biggrin